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Yesenia Latoure

Diploma of Design Sydney
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My name is Yesenia Latoure and I'm a Fashion Designer and Creative Director of my own brand LA LATOURE. I design for individuals that desire to make statements. I cater for a certain attitude not a specific demographic. My inspiration is highly inspired by music, energy and other creators’ hustle. My fuel to my craft is run by my emotions.

Classy for the wild

Classy for the wild. My inspiration for this design was purely to make a statement, to look different amongst others. By having a loud but clean outfit. This was done by fabricating black and white together. Wearing the blazer shirtless to emphasise the principles; line and direction.


This collection was stimulated by the nine-to-five concept. A juxtaposition of office attired silhouettes in a trade work environment. 9.00am to 5.00pm are the traditional hours of work. A nine-to-five mentality is an attitude that your job only matters between those hours. As many of us creators fall in the category of once viewing a nine-to-five mentality as ‘mediocre’ or ‘wanting more’ mindset, we don’t acknowledge the 24/7 commitment—a lifestyle.