Branded Fashion Design

Samantha Morris

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Brisbane
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Throughout my studies, I have cultivated my own personal design style which is bohemian, feminine and figure flattering, with an emphasis on printed textiles. I am passionate about developing my own print designs and draw on inspirations from exotic locales and culturally diverse sources.

I am dedicated to addressing the ethical and sustainability issues facing the fashion industry, implementing positive change through textiles sourcing and challenging the current fast fashion model.

Final Collection - Bourgeoisie Bedouin

Inspired by the Middle East, the collection takes one on a journey with a mysterious nomad, travelling through the vast desert, where she discovers a Bedouin Camp, a bourgeoisie oasis of luxury.

Illustrations for Brand Development - the heaven district

Illustrations help to capture the essence of the brand and allow garments outside of the final production pieces to be showcased.