Branded Fashion Design

Charnell Lafrenais

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Sydney
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The importance of sustainability and ethical production has always been imperative in my individual approach towards fashion design.

With current social and economic issues, I aspire to use the skills I acquired while studying the Billy Blue Bachelor of Branded Fashion, to make a unique contribution to a forward-thinking enterprise.

Upon attaining a position within the industry, my personal goal is to assist in the process of designing and developing quality pieces with infinite value to the consumer.


Vénus is a project-based label that focuses on minimal waste, ranging from the use of excess trimmings to natural fabric dying. Designs are released as projects rather than collections so they are available permanently online until sold out to reduce waste.

Designs are inspired by women, art and nature. Each project will carry out themes relative to Venus, the Roman goddess, therefore depicting a sense of power, beauty, femininity, sexuality and self-love. The concept for ‘La Festa’ was inspired by 80’s Italo Disco. Focusing on transparency, feminine features, asymmetry and the act of getting ready.