Communications and Graphic Design

Tiana Bonney

Bachelor of Media Design Adelaide
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Hi, I'm Tiana Bonney.

I'm a curious problem solver that's really passionate about the environment, mental health, feminism and so much more. I'm also a vegetarian that works at KFC so you could say I'm quite a determined person. Sometimes I feel I'm a realistic optimist, I can the see world in black and white but also with an abundance of colour and vibrance. That's I have chosen these two projects to show the beauty in both ends of the spectrum.

I used to struggle with creating art but when I discovered graphic design I felt I had found my spot, it's the perfect combination structure and art. The rules of design keep me grounded in the purpose of solving the presented problem. I'm passionate most about graphic design, motion design and photography.
Thanks for reading!

Adelaide Fringe

The objective of this poster was to celebrate the anniversary of 60 years of Adelaide Fringe for the 2020 Fringe.


This project I created the brief to be capture intimate moments of one of the most loving couples I know.