Communications and Graphic Design

Jessica Bonnily

Bachelor of Communication Design Melbourne
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Jessica is a dedicated designer and creative thinker with a passion for making that extends from the digital to the physical world. Combining an appreciation for art, science, and a little bit of magic she seeks to tell stories that wow and wonder. Optimistic, resilient, and thoughtful, Jessica looks forward to developing her Communication Design career and expanding the skills that she cultivated at uni.

With a particular interest in campaign design and animation, Jessica is inspired to bring meaningful messages to life with movement and imagination. Living in Melbourne, her favourite things to do outside of work are crafting, tufting custom rugs, and trying (with varying degrees of success) to replicate recipes she finds online. She is a dog person, a Bruce Springsteen fan, and a DIY enthusiast. Jessica can be found working from her home studio or biking around Brunswick, and is available for part-time design roles, commissions and contract work for specific projects.

Step Inside a Story

The brief of improving an existing wayfinding system was fulfilled with a uniquely human-centred approach. Through careful observation, it was discovered that the shopping centre environment could better serve the customer segment of mothers and their children by providing an engaging entertainment experience.

With the use of an illustrated map, children and their caregivers would be guided around the shopping centre by a host of fun characters and age-appropriate wayfinding devices. Utilising both traditional print mediums and smartphone activated NFC technology, Step Inside a Story would transform the retail experience from transactional to magical, and increase both time spent within the centre and customer loyalty.

Fun and engaging narrative devices delivered a new kind of customer experience; brightly coloured illustrations brought the project to life. Overall, with imagination and empathy the wayfinding system of an indoor shopping centre was greatly improved.

The Redcliffe Peninsula

The Redcliffe Peninsula is a beachside town in need of reinvigoration and the perfect location selected for the brief of designing a branded identity system. Beautiful beaches are aplenty in Queensland, but what made Redcliffe unique was the character of the place. Redcliffe is a thriving commuter city full of young families, home to an ageing community of locals and a popular weekend tourist destination. These three audiences were thoughtfully considered while creating an adaptable and welcoming brand.

Inspired by historical photos and posters, a retro typeface featuring exaggerated curves and angled crossbars was chosen and then abstracted through experimentation. Colours as diverse as the niche events held in the town were applied to anchor the identity in the modern-day.

A colloquial, conversational, tongue-in-cheek tone meant the brand was ready for any journey, from acknowledging the past to springing into the future. The end result satisfied the brief by transforming the identity of an existing place, without sacrificing the nuances of it. With colour, type, and an understanding of the locals, an inclusive and diverse brand was created.