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Tehgan Brink

Diploma of Graphic Design Online
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My name is Tehgan J, and I am a designer and illustrator based in sunny Queensland, Australia. I have a strong passion for design and am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone! I absolutely love playfully feminine designs and aim to inject happiness into the lives of those I’m designing for.

Since my chubby little hands could hold a pen, I have been utterly captivated by art and design. As a child, I was the recipient of countless art kits: the sound of those cheap markers squeaking against paper has been permanently embedded into my brain. I have since spent countless hours doodling, scribbling, and creating.

I adore the effect good design has upon people, and I cannot wait to create something you'll love.


For this project, I was asked to show adaptability of style by illustrating original works in the style of an established illustrator. I created two illustrations in the style of Lisa Perrin, mimicking their techniques, use of colour and line. Furthermore, to capture the essence of Perrin’s style, I included heavy botanical elements, placed importance upon fine detail, and maintained the moody colour palettes featured throughout her works.


My aim for this project was to create a series of environmentally friendly packaging solutions, that both embody the nature of Fika (a Swedish teatime tradition), but are also appealing to the target audience: busy young women. The entire packaging has been designed to be plastic-free, and uses vegetable-based inks. I designed the logo, a series of branded patterns, and also the packaging solution.