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Katy Brown

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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I’m a solution-based designer with a keen interest in wayfinding and business service design. I aim to make every experience for the user as enjoyable, seamless and meaningful as possible.

I can safely say that I have been extremely fortunate to have lived and traveled all over the world and I believe those experiences have afforded me such an incredible insight into people and culture. Those experiences have deeply impacted my approach to each course I’ve taken during my degree.

I particularly love working with people who have an energetic passion for wanting to achieve something amazing. That is what inspires me. 
As my experience stretches across a vast number of industries, what I've found is that as long as my core values stay the same, anything is possible. 

- Work toward incredible goals

- Help those around you 

- Admire and be inspired by those who have been before you

Just remember, you won't get lost with me by your side.


The wayfinding strategy for Tuggerah Lake Cycleway focuses on the implementation of a brand new wayfinding system. The aim of this system is to assist sporting enthusiasts, tourists, and even locals to increase their understanding of the local area and its surrounding amenities.

​This project location sparked my interest when my French Canadian boyfriend first came to my home town on the Central Coast. I thought what a perfect opportunity to show him the beautiful cycle path I used to ride as a kid, which began from Chittaway Point and ended up at The Entrance. He kept asking me where amenities were.... I quickly realised there were not many signs to inform you of your position on the track or where you were in proximity to the surrounding suburbs.

As the Central Coast is a tourist location, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to design a wayfinding system that could be implemented to assist all types of visitors. This project in its entirety includes brand design, icons, pictograms, informational and directional signage.


QHome, Mount Isa’s newest service maintenance provider that offers membership-based plans for your home repairs.

We aim to close the gap that is currently present between residents, their home repairs, and labour contractors in Mount Isa.

By providing a quality membership-based service that is reliable, trustworthy and backed by years of local and industry experience, QHome is reducing residents’ frustrations by putting together the foundation for a strong, lasting relationship.

This project was created for the subject Business by Design. The aim was to choose a service-focused business, learn about it, and find areas that could be improved or created.

I have been working for QBuild in Mount Isa, a government-led division that manages the construction and maintenance of all government buildings within far west Queensland. Through research conducted, the main problem that kept arising was lack of communication and trust between customers and service maintenance contractors in this region. This was the perfect base to begin the development of this subject.