Communications and Graphic Design

Suyeon Yu

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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I love to do anything creative but my biggest interest in design lies in illustration, branding and typography. I love to letter, draw and paint in watercolour, as well as digital illustrations.


For this project, I worked on rebranding the QVB.

From its existing purpose as a place to shop, I wanted to transform it,

“To bring the beauty of art, historical and cultural significance in the experience of QVB”

My design of the logo, the flourish style, hand-written calligraphy shows the elegance and enhances the classical beauty of the QVB, re-approaching the audience with a sense of historical significance and Australian identity as an important landmark. My colour palette also works to represent the ‘art’, ‘history’ and ‘culture’.

“Experiencing the QVB” is important in my brief. I want to make the QVB a beautiful place of history and art. I want to re-approach the public by reviving QVB’s guided tours, historical walks, cultural significance, events and art galleries - which are not well known by the audience now.

My project will give the QVB more cultural and historical significance and make it a more emotionally meaningful place for the audience.


Digital dating has quickly become the norm for people, with at least one in ten young Australians using Tinder to seek companionship. However, in a world where we can all hide behind screens, we are only slowly beginning to realise the risks involved in this new means of meeting people. Meeting online dates can be dangerous and a solution is required that empowers women to live their lives to the fullest, safely.

To do this, we have come up with an app called 'BOLT'. It should be discreet, able to be used in any situation, and put control into the hands of the woman. Discreet touch of a button prompts a phone call from a ‘friend’ providing you with a reason you need to leave immediately. This ‘friend’ is actually a Shebah driver who is now on their way to take them to safety.

This was a group project in ideating the app. I worked on all of the visual branding, illustrations and video.