Communications and Graphic Design

Helen Yu

Diploma of Graphic Design Sydney
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Coming from a science teaching background, I have found design a little later in lifeā€”but that just makes me appreciate it even more! My experiences have helped shape my thinking and problem-solving skills, which I now bring to solving a design brief. I enjoy doing branding, editorial design and art direction, but open to learning and trying new things. To me, graphic design is creating a feeling and communicating a message through visuals, that engages the viewer. When you get it right, it's kind of like magic!

The Mermaid

This project required creating illustrations to be used as branding and visual language for a hypothetical venue.

My solution - The Mermaid - a concept bar that specialises in cocktails and oysters. A place that was buzzing, where time freezes and it feels almost as if you are in a speakeasy in the 1920s, but with a modern take.

Luscious emeralds and playful pinks create just this vibe, while my illustrations were inspired by the beauty and alluring nature of Art Nouveau imagery. This, paired with tongue-in-cheek copy, creates a playfully enticing personality for The Mermaid.

Wrap A Bub

Wrap A Bub (WAB) is family-run charity that collects wraps which are donated to babies in ICU. Due to stricter infection control measures, the client needed a roll-out that would reposition the brand to target wholesalers & retailers for new wrap donations, as well as increase engagement with community members and end-users.

Drawing upon the interconnectedness and strength we have together in this tapestry of life, our solution - Life Threads. Linking thread motif, positive colour palette and engaging stories that aim to build and inspire the community were used across printed and digital media.