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Stu Goldfinch

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Sydney
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As we have seen in the past 12 months through drought, bushfires, storms and floods, our beautiful country sometimes has a nasty streak. Sometimes, like humans, age is a factor and things do not work as well as they should and damage occurs. Through my designs, I want to guide people affected by sudden-onset disasters to restore a place they can identify with and call home.

My journey has not been a traditional one. The young boy from suburban Adelaide I once was has long gone, devoting 27 years of my working life to the Royal Australian Navy. One career change later, managing full-time work and online studies, I graduated with a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration from Billy Blue College of Design (Torrens University).

My travels took me far and wide, exposing me to a range of sights, sounds and smells which were not always pleasant. It is those experiences of conflict, natural disasters, and humanitarian aid which I call on to stimulate my designs to benefit those in need. I am particularly inspired by period features and aim to blend old world charm and beauty with contemporary comfort and convenience to create warm, inviting, and functional spaces.

Water Damage Remediation

Residential sudden-onset disaster remediation

Software Used: AutoCAD, InDesign, SketchUp, Photoshop

Client: Elderly homeowner & long-term resident

House was subjected to burst water pipe in ceiling cavity, left undiscovered for several days. Significant damage to ceiling, floors and lower portions of walls. Owner wants the property returned to a simple, yet bright, modern and functional home.

The property is in rural NSW, approximately 30km south of Griffith. Built in the early 1980s, the house is a timber-framed brick veneer construction with a particleboard covered stump subfloor. The region is mostly crop farming and, as such, the property is subjected to fine red dust entering the home.

Previously the home had burgundy carpet throughout, trapping the dust particles and the beige walls throughout the home would also appear dirty. The owner wanted flooring and walls that would be easy to maintain.

To minimise the impact and prevent transferring dust throughout the home, high traffic areas were treated with brushed oak laminate flooring, with bedrooms having an earthy tone textured carpet laid. Walls were modernised with Dulux Tranquil Retreat, accented with Dulux Vivid White trim and skirting, and dove grey block-out curtains and blinds throughout.

Warehouse conversion to office space

Software used: AutoCAD, InDesign, SketchUp, Photoshop

Client Brief: Hypothetical cake decorating supplies business

To accommodate the growth of the business, the client requires an operational environment for staff. The upper floor of the warehouse will accommodate the office/administration space and is to include:
• Workstation for permanent Administration Manager
• Workstations for transient staff
• Meeting and think tank areas
• Small kitchenette and break-out space
• Innovative & flexible solutions

Built in 1841 and located at 47 George St, The Rocks, the site is the former Union Bond Store. Facing northeast, the building is a heritage-listed three-storey sandstone warehouse covering approximately 597sqm over all levels and features a gabled parapet front.

The upper floor operational areas retain elements of the building’s character, though incorporating a fun, colourful and modern edge into the functional aspects of the space. The client indicated that not all 10 staff will be on-site simultaneously; therefore, apart from the meeting room, only facilities for the one permanent staff member and up to five transient staff will be catered for.