Interior Design

Chloe Gill

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Sydney

I am a passionate and committed junior Interior Designer, who has recently completed a double degree with a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Interior Design (with a specialisation in Commercial Interiors). I decided to combine my love of design and business into my studies, to enhance my practical processes in both vastly growing industries. I enjoy celebrating the connections between the external and internal landscape to create beautiful, yet functional spaces. I discovered this interest while studying at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, School of Arts and Communications in Milan, Italy. This fantastic experience exposed me to interior design through the lens of different cultures and environments. It was awe-inspiring to work collaboratively with other creatives and young designers.

I have spent a year working in an assistant interior design role, improving my overall attention to detail, building my confidence and skills in 3D modelling and construction documentation. Working hands-on in the industry has enabled me to experience the expectations of clients and the process to create functional and beautiful spaces.

I am fascinated by building and seeing spaces come to life through SketchUp, 3ds Max and Revit.

LE VELO Cafe and Bicycle Repair Shop

Location: 46 Baywater Drive, Wentworth Point, Sydney, NSW

Software used: Revit and Photoshop

Client Brief:
Partners Sue and Andy Baker share a common love of contemporary Australian Art and are keen cyclists in the Wentworth area.

-The commercial space will become a bicycle repair shop and a cafe where visitors can order fresh produce.
-Relaxed and playful atmosphere.
-A bold colour palette inspired by Anya Brock’s work.
-Allow provision for an internal connecting stairway between levels one and two.

Inspired by Australian Art and bike culture, Le Velo is a design that encapsulates a playful colour palette and materiality, integrated within a functional venue. Upon entry, colourful plastic seating, contributes to the fun-loving aesthetic. Large and small seating areas provide patrons with the option to dine and/or wait for bicycle repairs which are stationed within the venue.

A multi-coloured bar front, with an empire white marble top, provides a key moment in the design inspiration; the shades of bold pink and blue reference the exuberant nature of Anya Brock's designs. Walking around the bar will reveal a feature concrete staircase, with a printed wall of Brock's artwork, "Wolf Lane Fierce Face" behind, bringing distinctiveness to the bar materiality.

Rolling Greens Cafe and Bar

Location: Ewos Parade, Cronulla NSW

Software used: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Photoshop

Client brief:
The Sutherland Shire Council
Design a unique proposal for a Cafe and Bar with the influence of recyclable and textured materiality that welcomes a relaxed culture for patrons.

-The venue must incorporate textured and recycled materiality
-Large windows to maximise natural light from the ceiling
-Custom designed bar and pendants
-Ethical business culture - sourcing organic produce

Rolling Greens reflects the heart and soul of a relaxed scene, showcased in an open environment. A uniform space coupled with recyclable materiality was imperative to the brief. Upon entry, patrons will be greeted by a central custom-designed bar that will exude fun and highlight the native elements of the space. The bar is surrounded by antique mosaic tiles, paired with recycled timber chevron joinery that will be elevated from the ground by a Douglas fir timber platform, and separated from the wall to allow the natural light from large windows to engulf the space. Dispersed throughout, a series of custom-designed pendants, shaped from handmade bamboo, will layer the characteristics of the cafe.