Interior Design

Uma Gunasekera

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Melbourne
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With a deep passion for human-centred design, to empathise, problem-solve and create spaces that improve the wellbeing of its occupants, I am an enthusiastic and hardworking Interior Design graduate with an exceptional academic record and significant experience in technology, customer engagement and quality assurance.

Sports Bar & Entertainment Complex

A project initiated to create an inspiring precinct that enhances the surrounding community. The site, located at 196 Flinders Street, was to be transformed to a sports bar and entertainment complex for Crown Melbourne. Home to some of the biggest sporting events in the world, this site would undoubtedly attract many sporting fans keen to be part of the action.

Mixed Use Development

The restoration of the iconic Bells Hotel in Woolloomooloo Sydney brings to life the headquarters of Krochet Kids intl, illustrating the brand’s lifelong commitment to making a difference through hook and yarn. To attract new clientele through their first bricks and mortar store and establish themselves in international markets, the space has been designed to embody the spirit of the brand, telling a story of their values, their passion and their humble beginnings.

The space enclosed in rammed earth panels and natural materials will transport patrons to an African landscape with its raw earthy texture and warm hues. African-inspired furniture sourced from Senegalese craftsmen reinforces the client’s ethos to eradicate poverty.

The entrance to the space is a celebration of the designer: an invitation to patrons to ‘meet the maker’ and their product, building trust through transparency.

Threadwork installations spread across the retail and hospitality area are symbolic of the crochet thread as well as the brand’s commitment to knit together a global community. The office space follows a human-centred design approach that positively contributes to the physical, social and mental wellbeing of employees with collaborative spaces that energise and simulate creative thinking, and quiet cozy retreats for focused working or relaxation.

A design truly inspired by all things human.