Branded Fashion Design

Sofie Nilsson

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Sydney
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Arriving in Australia four years ago thinking that I would be here for a short holiday, I fell in love with the country, its beauty and opportunities and I have decided to make this my home.

Growing up in Sweden, in my younger years I aspired to be in the fashion industry as it has always been my passion. I started to work in the retail side of fashion at the age of 18. As a result of my enthusiasm in this space, I quickly achieved promotion to more senior roles in the merchandising arms of fashion houses.

I have always believed that we express who we are through the way we dress. Fashion can communicate our difference and uniqueness to the world.

When I started my studies at Billy Blue, I did not know much about the hard work behind creating a garment, nor its environmental impact.

Having regard to learning the technical attributes that I have learned along the way (production of tech sheets, CADs, communicating materials and style information). I have found my work to be an outlet of emotion, communicating my beliefs and I look forward to the continuation of this journey in a professional sense.

Being Human

This collection is themed ‘Being Human’. I sought to celebrate our vulnerability and uniqueness in my designs whilst demonstrating the ability to create high quality fashion in a sustainable way. I achieved this by allowing myself to be brazen with my design utilising upcycled and recycled materials.