Branded Fashion Design

Juanita Pardo Garcia

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Brisbane
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I’m Juanita Pardo. A life lover, a daughter, a sister. I find it difficult to express my work in a brief artist statement, I will simply say: I love to CREATE!!! I’ve spent most of my life creating things at home, finding the greatest sense of satisfaction and happiness when a person says something nice to me about my creativeness.

I’ve been looking for a way to spread all my inspiration to the world. One of the best ways I’ve found is taking photographs, sewing colourful garments and accessories hoping to stimulate emotions, true love, smiles and peaceful thoughts to those to view my work.

I am mostly inspired by nature to create and use rich and vivacious colours and prints through my designs.

Tropic Paradise

Dulce Juana is a label that creates multi-directional apparel inspired by traditional silhouettes, celebrating life, colour and people with rich and vivacious colours and prints

This collection is a true expression of the simple pleasures and joy that are in the roots of our people and its surroundings. Playing a special tribute to animals and plants of the exotic tropical jungle.