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Sheila Le

Bachelor of Digital Media Design (3D Design & Animation) Sydney
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Hello, my name is Sheila Le. I am currently a third-year student studying a Bachelor of Digital Media Design (3D Design and Animation). I am very passionate about 3D modelling, especially environment modelling because I love creating different concepts and themes in my personal time and I feel that I always learn something new, so I would say my biggest strengths lie there. I also enjoy creating simulations in Houdini and although I am a beginner, I very much enjoy experimenting with the software. My other strengths include problem solving, working in teams and communication.

Chameleon Potion Store

This project is called 'Chameleon Potion Store'. I created this piece of work for a subject called 'Modelling and Visualisation' where we focus on environment and prop modelling. The task was to create an environment that showcases your skills and creative thoughts. I found an illustration by an artist named 'Memesu' on Artstation I asked if I could model this piece she kindly agreed. I decided to reference her work because I thought modelling this would definitely be a challenge for me and hopefully help me learn new things along the way. The design itself was very complex and different from what I usually model, so I decided to use this as a way to open a new pathway to new skills and knowledge. The outcome of this project was definitely a ride but I was delighted with how it turned out.


This is a project I created in my personal time. I am a huge fan of a K-pop group named 'Loona' because I was drawn into their aesthetics and storyline, so I decided to create 12 sets of each member's solo music videos. I also gathered some inspiration on social media. What inspired me to create this work is the production team that is behind Loona's music video aesthetics. The team has such a creative mind and their design thinking and theory are off the charts. I decided to create this piece of work so that I can showcase all the skills and techniques that I have learned in class and apply it to my work. Although the whole project took me quite a while to finish, I enjoyed every aspect of it. The software I used for this was Autodesk Maya.