Digital Media and Gaming

Malgorzata Miziniak

Bachelor of Game (Art) Sydney
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I'm an energetic and very motivated person with a happy-go-lucky attitude. I have been studying to be a Game Designer at Torrens University for the past three years. I have made multiple 2D and 3D games, apps, and game prototypes on my own as well as working with others in small groups. I'm skilled in Maya, Photoshop (I use Krita often as well), Unity, and many more. I also have basic knowledge about coding languages such as C# and C++.


This project is a small 3D space station located on the moon. The idea was inspired by a game map called Luna Colony from a popular game named Overwatch. I have created all the assets in Maya and then textured them in Maya as well. To finalize my project, I have placed my little station in Unity and set up a flying camera. Now anyone can download it from itch and have a look around.

Download the game for windows here.