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Kimberley Henderson

Bachelor of Media Design Adelaide
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I am a 3D Designer creating and animating with Cinema 4D and Adobe CC. A huge goal of mine is to be in the visual effects industry creating for films. My background is in media design. I began creating from a young age after watching the behind the scenes of films and seeing the clay models. I was so intrigued by what goes into the craft side of things that I would create my own models and just never stopped. I enjoy creating cartoon, realism and abstract 3D models.


This is my 3D and motion showreel including a montage of my work and the process behind the pieces. The collection of pieces include 3D assets, title sequences and motion infographics.


Many animal species require urgent intervention after the summer bushfires wiped out their habitat. This is an awareness video in response to the Australian bushfires told through motion infographics. It tells the story of the broad-headed snake and how it has been impacted by the fires.