Communications and Graphic Design

Sarah Varvarian

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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As designers, we can consciously and subconsciously challenge audiences to see the world through a different lens. Using the power of design, I desire to bring goodness into the world and breathe meaning and life to others’ visions. Through my own experience, I carefully research and reiterate ideas until I find that sweet spot; ultimately producing work with a purpose and a story.

I am on a journey to grow my creative passions for Branding, Packaging, Print Design and Typography.

Exhibition Design

Wolfgang Weingart influenced typography and design with his manual process and approach; known as ‘The Father of New Wave’. A theoretical MCA exhibition will feature his designs, aiming to inspire designers and typographers about the values of manual design.

The event publication features a hand-stamped cover, created using hand-cut letters and ink. Inspired by Weingart’s disc series, where he used the backs of letter blocks to create a stamped disc pattern. Other collateral created is a notebook and Vinyl album; an ode to Weingart finding inspiration from Mozart (seen at

Poetry on the Block

‘Poetry on the Block’ is a series of hoardings created for the City of Sydney ‘Show Off Bank’. The poetry was provided by Red Room Company, by poets and students from Years 9 and 10, from St Andrew’s Cathedral High School. The theme reflects city life within the City of Sydney. The project was created as part of an internship with Billy Blue Creative.

The creative choice to use tree rings highlights both the movement and layers within the city and the poems; examples of inspiration are included. Using the typography to create movement, the design becomes immersive and provokes thought. The vibrant and bold colour palette allows the poems to stand out from the visual noise and muted tones of the city.