Communications and Graphic Design

Dieu Toan Truong

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Hi there, this is Daniel Truong aka. Danz, a videographer with a designer and dancer’s mindset. Curiosity, persistent, passionate and experimental are my favourite adjectives. After finishing my degree in Bachelor of Communication Design from Billy Blue in April, I am currently working as freelance Videographer and Editor. My biggest curiosity is where all human creativity really comes from? Think Less. Feel More.

This Is Not A Reel

“This Is Not A Reel” is my very first show reel that indicates my skills in directing, shooting, and editing. On the other hand, it is a significant milestone of my integration between designer and filmmaker’s mindset. In fact, there are no existing walls between all the disciplines. The further I go on the creative journey, the deeper I have looked inside to found out who I really am. Through working, I have found the way to connect with my soul that has helped me so much in understanding the nature of life.