Communications and Graphic Design

Ivar Vervik Ellingsen

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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I am a communication and motion Graphic Designer from Oslo, who thinks, crafts and designs with purpose and intention. With an open, driven and curious mind I love to explore the different fields of design, being drawn to branding, typography, illustration and motion graphic design. I believe that design is as much about what you remove as what you add.


Brand and design the packaging for the North Norwegian honey-maker Heim Honey, which tells the unique story of Heim Honey and where the honey comes from.

To differentiate the brand from its competitors, the brand focuses on where the honey is from, rather than flowers and bees. Three landscapes inspired by the beautiful north Norwegian scenery were illustrated with the founder Tor Engeberg, a fisherman turned honey maker, fishing in his boat no matter what time of day or season of the year. The illustrations are in a geometrical and textured style conveying a retro feeling, representing heritage and the time period Heim Honey was founded. The logo is inspired by the bees and beehives with hexagonal curves. Heim means home, and the feeling of coming home was the foundation of this project, and projected throughout all outcomes.

Neuwe A

Design a typeface, that looks and works consistently - and cohesively. Create a type specimen for the typeface displaying how it works.

Neuwe A is a sans serif typeface inspired by New York City's young diverse creatives. The aim was to create a functional, elegant and wild typeface which captures the essence of the city. Similarly to NYC, Neuwe A has contrast, character and sophistication.