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Sarah Cassell

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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I am a Graphic Designer in my final year of a Bachelor of Communication Studies degree at Billy Blue College of Design.

I aspire to create meaningful experiences through my work and am in awe of the influence design can have on the human psyche. Instigating emotional reactions is a particular joy for me; I love design which makes people feel. Digital and print platforms have a massive scope to create this emotional and often long-lasting change, and this is truly where I feel at home.

The saying “good design is invisible” resonates with me. I believe as a designer, it is my job to facilitate an experience or response from the user rather than design for my own pleasure; committing my efforts toward intentional design decisions.

When I’m not designing, you can sometimes find me driving around on a forklift, or ideally not be able to find me at all because I’m exploring some exciting foreign country! (thanks COVID...)


The brief was to audit an existing product category; critically examining current packaging trends and their audiences to identify distinctive branding opportunities within a marketplace.

I chose to pursue the dog collar category, noting that all packaging was very sterile and grounded in practicality, essentially neglecting the emotional bond between man and man’s best friend.

My mission was to develop a memorable, innovative solution within this category that exuded luxury - because really, our fur-babies deserve the best!

Findo is a GPS dog-collar made of the highest quality materials, and is packaged in a lavish box which (after removing the collar) can be used as a portable dog water bowl.
The brand mark has reference to old-school compasses and the entire visual identity was heavily inspired by a decorative 1920s style.