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Richard Bryant

Diploma of Graphic Design Brisbane
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I’m Rich Bryant, a Brisbane-based Graphic Designer creating heartfelt designs for the curious and creative. My dream is to equip people and organisations with engaging and inspiring designs to help them achieve their greatest potential. I have experience in the design of both digital and print including; organisation and event branding as well as publication, apparel & social media design.

Check out some of my work below and if you like what you see, please get in touch!


Flux is a new beverage brand that aims to enter the kombucha market. Flux offers an all‐natural product with smart and effective packaging that incorporates a strong design aesthetic. My task was to design the visual identity and packaging of the product. This included all artwork, bottle design, label and copy. The goal was to set Flux apart from their competitors. In order to meet the brief, I conducted thorough research into competitors, target audience, packaging styles and standards.

Flux needed their product to stand out on the shelves and capture a new market and this product will do precisely that.


This task was to create advertising posters for three upcoming AGDA seminars. I focused on creating vibrant eye-catching designs that were modern and on-trend while still retaining the brand identity of AGDA. The posters needed to convey the message and details of the seminars while also being pieces of artwork in their own right.