Communications and Graphic Design

Jordan Ceresoli

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Hey there. I’m a multipotentialite. I’m obsessed with learning new skills. I’ve worked as a Chef, Pastry Chef, Bartender and Animal Attendant/Advocate. I studied music as a violinist for over a decade and enjoy taking macro photography and drone piloting. I get my rocks off building computers and playing around with new technology.

I’m ambitious, self-driven and have a meticulous nature. I learn with a hands-on approach and through my mates and peers. I believe strongly in the value of learning from mistakes and treating others with consideration and compassion. I hold a great deal of respect for passionate, driven and engaged people.

I love clean and elegant design but also love to play with different illustrative styles.

I'm excited for the future and love to celebrate the underdog.

Sacred Ibis Brewing Co.

Sacred Ibis Brewing Co. developed ‘Broocha’ to cater to the increasing number of young Australian adults choosing not to consume alcohol in social settings. The beverage will initially be sold through bars and late night venues with the intention of securing retail channels and establishing Sacred Ibis ‘dry bars’.

Australian owned and produced, ‘Broocha’ is a non-alcoholic beverage made from fermenting white jasmine tea, cold pressed fruit juices and native botanicals.

Sacred Ibis required brand identity for advertising and packaging. Targeted at engaging with the young generation of non-alcoholics.

We connected to our audience with a casual, tongue-in-cheek tone. We countered the ‘unknown’ and ‘unfamiliar’ aspects of the product by combining the image of the legendary Australian Ibis with activities the audience would typically enjoy.

The Gesture

The Gesture is a startup aiming to reduce the anxiety, expense and embarrassment surrounding the process of marriage proposals. They propose to achieve this with a single highly customisable package, combining a keepsake, an engagement ring and artisan chocolate. No digging around in desserts for a ring or fishing rings out of champagne flutes.

The Gesture creates a customised proposal experience with elegance and sophistication. It assists in the creation of beautiful and courageous memories for the couple, facilitated by personalised features of the packaging and the chocolate.

The customisable nature of the product opens up the traditional proposal ritual to same sex or other non-traditional couples, thereby altering awkward or uncomfortable moments within the conventional proposal script that may not be applicable to progressive situations.