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Sarah Trainor

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Brisbane
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From the moment I was little, sitting cross-legged on the floor and drawing up floor plans of my bedroom for better spatial flow, I knew I wanted to be an Interior Designer. I was methodical even at a young age, when I would use a tape measure and ruler to accurately design my room to ensure efficient use of space. Strange kid I know! But now I have finished my Bachelor Degree in Interior Design Commercial, I am proud to say that I have developed those skills further and have become a motivated and creative Interior Designer with a passion for solving problems. In addition to my interest in problem solving, concept development and documentation, I also have an interest in recycling and repurposing which I love to incorporate into my designs in some way. I am an open book when it comes to design interests as I am thoroughly enjoying all aspects of both residential and commercial design and I believe that remaining open is key in truly discovering where my passion lies. As a lasting impression about me, one interesting fact is that I love burgers and will travel extensively to find the best!

Wool and Gold

This project required the redesign of an existing bar fitout in a heritage building. The identified problem was that of an interior space being bland and underutilised. The concept that I developed came from this history of the building and its wool and gold industry past. I focused on using natural elements to play into the natural aspect of wool, and I added touches of gold to tie the design together. The organic shapes used in the space in the form of a booth seating feature and bar design also pay homage to the inspiration for the space and create visual interest and entertainment. A muted colour palette creates a calming and conforming environment which entices patrons to sit and stay within the venue.

Australian and Traditional

For this brief, I was to develop a fresh perspective on an existing brand ethos that was to be reflected through a new, conceptual store design. Using knowledge gained from design research into the brand, I developed a concept of Australian and Traditional, inspired by the heritage of the brand, the local landscape and its colour palette, along with the building where the store was located. Given the merchandise range of the brand and the size of the store, developing a concept that would fill the space and have relevance to the different departments was challenging. To overcome this, I developed different variations of the concept to suit each space.