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Anna Toernqvist

Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) Sydney
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My name is Anna Törnqvist and I have a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design (Commercial). I have studied in both Sydney and Milan, and I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden.

I’m very attentive, creative and confident in my work and in my life. I have an innate hunger for my chosen career and I’ve always been intrigued by architecture and interiors. I understand and get motivated by the correlation between success and dedicated hard work. I believe great designs are extensions of the user and I aspire to generate environments that manage to communicate their story profoundly. Complex concepts and developments require vision, innovation and careful examination which only comes from distinctive curiosity and a drive to always exceed expectations.

Efficient, result-oriented and diligent are words that have been used to describe my work ethics. I push my limits and inspire growth within myself and others. Personally, I believe my greatest strengths are my ability to learn and generate solutions for miscellaneous complications.

With my positive, communicative and educated persona in addition to previous work experiences as department manager in retail, I’m eager to continue to develop my capabilities and ready to take the industry by storm.

Assembly Label – Head Office

The head office space of Assembly Label is located at 1 Bligh Street, Sydney CBD. The reception and waiting areas are the very first impression of the office space and they are designed to communicate a sense of awareness.

The concept of Assembly Label is to create a connection between beach and city life. Their brand identity manifests as a neutral colour palette and allows form to follow function. The office design has therefore, become a unique opportunity to strike a perfect balance between modern design and the laid back Australian lifestyle. Rectilinear lines are complimented by soft furniture and materials such as the Merino Wool Nook Sofa by Jardan. The design characterises Assembly Label’s branding throughout the interior, joinery and furniture selection since all elements follow a harmonious theme of an earthy humbleness.

Because Assembly Label strives to minimise consumerism and support local designers, the interiors are designed to do the same. The furniture collection is solely selected from Australian brands such as Mr and Mrs White, and all materials are locally sourced. The minimal features and joinery systems tie it all together to create a feeling of serenity and timelessness which communicates the brand ethos.

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home – Animal Shelter

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home is a relocating animal shelter which is in need of a complete site redevelopment. The proposal includes development of all customer-facing areas (entry, reception and café) and requires a concept which communicate their brand ethos.

Because of the nature of the organisation, the design has to address matters such as abrasion, sanitary and economical requirements. The client specifically requested a contemporarily neutral impression, which doesn’t distract from the animals. Materials such as steel and Polysafe Polyflor are chosen to adhere their wishes. The furniture selection binds it all together to create an inviting environment, where all visitors can feel safe.

The café is designed as a separate focal point which creates an opportunity to widen the organisation’s communal and financial support. The materiality of the space complements the brand and the main building. However, as the café conveys a different purpose from the preliminary subdivisions of the organisation, the café has embodied a more playful character with free-roaming cats wandering around. A variety of floor and seating levels complements the material selection and creates diversity that is visually and physically engaging for both people and animals.