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Kristin Turner

Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential) Sydney
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I am a hardworking and enthusiastic young designer with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential) from Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia.

Driven by strong, thoughtful designs, I am passionate about creating and contributing to the development of beautiful, unique spaces. I believe strong design practice incorporates a mix of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

I am a fast learner, good communicator, and approach everything with a positive attitude, striving to make an impact in the way people experience the environments they are in. I am looking to immerse myself in an environment where my passion for design will be nurtured, and my skills refined and improved.

Blues Point Tower

Located at 14-28 Blues Point Road, McMahons Point NSW 2060, the Blues Point Tower is a multi-residential apartment complex.
The project brief was to design and refurbish a double storey apartment in the newly built complex on levels 63 and 64. The focus of the design was to create a generously proportioned interior to utilise the large space.

The concept behind the design was to create an inviting, light-filled apartment which maximises the use of space through open plan living.

Through the use of different shapes and organic colours, I intended on creating a space which focuses on a modern minimalistic design.

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow a vast source of light into the apartment, thus complementing the different materials and textures used throughout.

By adding height to the kitchen and informal dining space, the lower level of the apartment is given added depth and character, utilising the space.

The staircase which wraps around a corner of the apartment unites the two floors, where private and public space unite.

The Darling

Located at 363-377 Darling Street, Balmain NSW 2041, The Darling is a five storey residential apartment building that consists of three apartments per floor. With harbour views from each apartment, The Darling is Balmain’s newest and hottest piece of property.

The concept behind the design was to create a chic apartment which honours the historical building, yet has a new take on contemporary design.

Featuring a large open-plan living space, this enables the apartment to take full advantage of the expansive harbour views - adding plenty of value to the already highly valuable apartment complex.

The apartment has dark timber floors throughout the communal living quarters, with custom joinery to match. This allows for continuity to be present throughout, blending the space into one.

Beige coloured walls and cool coloured feature walls brings fluidity into the space, matching with similar coloured upholstery throughout.

With a large outdoor balcony extending from the kitchen and dining, the potential of entertaining space is fully maximised.
The private quarters feature beige carpets and a continuity of cool colours in both feature walls and upholstery, uniting both zones together.

Plants are used throughout the apartment space as they are important in bringing a natural ambience to this inner-city lifestyle.