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Miriam Hall

Bachelor of Communication Design Melbourne
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Miriam is ‘the storyteller’ and a walking smile. She is a Communication Designer dedicated to creating different, empathy-driven, engaging designs. Her passions are in Branding, Illustration, Typography, Short Film and Advertising. Energetic and a magnet of fun, she always finds a way to make you smile.

Based in the city of Melbourne, ‘down-under’, her roots lie deep in the Macedon Ranges. She uses the beautiful scenery of the Ranges to her advantage; both as inspiration and for excellent filming locations. Being a country girl at heart, she can confirm that the best boxing matches in Australia are those between two alpha kangaroos. A graduate of Billy Blue College of Design, Torrens University, in 2020, her vision is clear, ‘optometrist-approved’!

Besides having this pink squishy creative brain, there is also a happy little heart passionate about health and fitness. Being a Zumba Instructor allows her to inspire others. Motivating and making people laugh is her passion. Zumba With Mim is a space where Miriam can exercise both her creative and fitness skill sets by creating and editing all Zumba With Mim content. Best of both worlds!

Safe Sex Pack

Did you know that Chlamydia has been on the rise for the past 10 years in young adults aged 21 – 30? Yet, the number of Chlamydia cases in teenagers decreased dramatically between 2014 – 2018. So why are young adults forgetting the basics of safe sex?

Chlamydia and Friends is a social enterprise dedicated to providing education on sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Encouraging young adults to seek medical advice as well as safe sex methods. STIs have never looked so good, but you don’t want to be friends with them.

The Safe Sex Pack provides a deck of cards about the six most common STIs as well as three iCare Home STI Test Kits and a pack of Eggplant & Me condoms. A YouTube channel and Spotify podcast provide weekly episodes, talking all things sex and hosting special guests.

Once upon a time, sexually transmitted infections were seen to be life-threatening. However, now we understand how to prevent the spread and treat most STIs. So until we understand and can fight Covid-19, don’t be scared. Just stay at home and find comfort in hoarding your toilet paper.

Winter Goat

'Nestled in the rolling meadows of the Barossa Valley, Winter Goat winery creates beautiful boutique varieties of wine. Whilst we do not have a creek named after us, and our pens do not fold, we do have magnificent goats – wild and free, just like our wine.

Here wine and whisky exist together in harmony. Grown from pagan rituals and the rich soils of the Barossa, Winter Goat is devilishly delicious. We don’t just take you there, we make you feel the very essence of epic.

So bad, it’s goat.'

The Winter Goat campaign originated from the Vinea Nouveau (New Vines) typeface. Inspired by the traditional artwork of Art Nouveau typefaces, the typeface features extended ascenders and descenders as well as floral serifs. To display the typeface on a product, Winter Goat Winery was born.

Branding, packaging and four digital advertisements were produced for Winter Goat. These would be implemented on a number of different media platforms including the Winter Goat website, YouTube, Spotify, television advertisements and digital posters / billboard.