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Dan Stanley Freeman

Diploma of Graphic Design Online
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Hi! I am a Graphic Designer, photographer & film-maker specialising in servicing the music industry. I have a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) Degree and a Graphic Design Diploma from Billy Blue College of Design.

My design practice is informed by the 20+ years I have spent as a working musician in the music industry. I feel I have a certain sensitivity and empathy for fellow artists and strive to achieve exactly what the project requires.

Before practising graphic design, I worked at Dinosaur Designs for 7 years in the role of Production Manager for most of that time. Whilst occupying a production role, I learned a lot about colour theory working in that vibrant studio environment.

I believe in serving the project in the same way a producer serves the song. Sometimes this might be flexing my design muscles and producing some very involved work but most often my role is that of very gentle hands: to produce design that exclusively serves the artist, client, project or product to the extent that my work is invisible.

I am passionate about typography, layout and package design. I also specialise in providing full campaign support from print to digital platforms so your next project is visually strong and consistent no matter what the medium.

Mostly, I am passionate about doing whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Self Promo

As I am targeting the music industry, I thought a novel promotion piece would be a CD package which presents my CV and portfolio and also demonstrates my ability to produce finished art. I chose a 10pp concertina lyric booklet to serve as my portfolio or look book.

I have also showcased some of my album art, photography and logo work in the booklet.

Fanny Lumsden's Album

This is my album art project for Fanny Lumsden's album 'Fallow', released earlier this year.

I designed the CD & LP package & the single art featuring my own photographs. I also designed a jigsaw puzzle package to be sold as merch, which was fun.