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Leanne Halls

Diploma of Graphic Design Sydney
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After graduating with a Bachelor of International Business, Halls worked internationally and nationally in account management. She progressed to successfully managing a professional art business during which her work became known for its atmospheric and lyrical sensibilities.

Recently completing a Diploma of Graphic Design, Halls launched Dry Bones Creative - a graphic design agency that focuses on producing unique bespoke designs, branding and marketing solutions relevant to their customer and target audience. Our clients are provided with high quality logos, brand content and web designs.

Elektrik Eel Responsive Website Design

The Elektrik Eel Music Festival required a responsive HTML & CSS designed website, which also included JavaScript and JSquery coding to improves its functionality and performance.

UX testing was conducted to determine the best prototype for a responsive desktop, iPad and mobile website. This informed the design, its look and feel and functionality. The website was coded using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

The neon lights of the electric music festival informed the creative design for the webpage and logo creation. A feeling of electricity and excitement was infused through all sections of the design.

Illustrated Logo, Mascot, Menu Packaging & Mural

Matsuri Chain Restaurant

A new Japanese restaurant chain concept was requested with a strong focus on illustrated branding and marketing collateral.

Pulling away from the common sushi-styled Japanese restaurants, a restaurant that served festival foods was chosen as it satisfied the takeaway and eat-in requirements of the brief. All designed illustrations drew inspiration from Japanese festivals such as Kamon design, Hapi coats, lanterns and cherry blossoms.