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Michaela Seneque

Diploma of Graphic Design Online
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I’m a freelance Graphic Designer based in Perth, Australia. With a background in textiles and design, I'm somewhat of a multi-disciplinary creative. For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved creating things with my hands and exploring new mediums. But since returning to study 2 years ago, I've certainly found my sweet spot in Illustration, Branding and Art Installations.

Bush to Bowl

Bush to Bowl is a new native plant nursery based in Sydney NSW, and their design brief was to create a positive launch campaign for their new regenerative project that included relevant branding and design collateral for their opening. I created a brand logo, pattern, custom typography, style guide, business stationery and 10 additional design items that were inclusively welcoming, curiously colourful and aimed to organically spark conversations throughout the local community about the health, environmental and learning benefits of Indigenous Australian native plants. To ensure my branding solution helped communicate Bush to Bowl's desire to connect the wider community to country, I weaved in many common symbols used for Indigenous storytelling, chose a unique potato stamping method for mark making and included a welcoming and playful tone of voice through my vibrant native inspired colour palette.

The Forager

The Forager line of botanic tools was a student project that focused on highlighting a common design problem in everyday items and designing a solution. I decided to create a line of premium garden tools that were both aesthetically pleasing but equally kind on the environment. Forager aimed to usher in a new breed of waste-free packaging alternatives into the hardware industry, to eradicate unnecessary plastics and harmful materials, whilst providing a uniquely enjoyable experience with each tool purchased. All packaging was designed to be printed on plantable seeded stock and customers were to be gifted with a reusable carry bag on purchase, to avoid plastics. The overall look, feel and experience of the packaging design was to also appeal to an untapped target market often found in nursery and hardware stores; young to middle-aged women shopping for yet another indoor plant.