Communications and Graphic Design

Hannah Sellwood

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Daydreamer, collector and investigator.

What do I value?
Fresh perspectives, room to learn and beauty amongst chaos

Good design...
· Wakes you up
· Is cultural commentary
· Is too good to throw away

My mission is to infuse brands with a blockbuster of a good story, with a nod to the past and hope for a better future.

Project 1

“I like to wear dresses because they’re comfortable. If I could wear a sheet, I would. I don’t know what to say… if I said we do it to be subversive then that would be a load of s***, because men in bands wearing dresses isn’t controversial anymore.”
— Kurt Cobain

In keeping with Billy Blue’s hands-on ethos, students were given an industry brief and mentored by the studio Brand Marque throughout the design process. We were tasked with the overhaul of Woolworth’s private label female grooming brand Oscar Orsen, repositioning it as a broad range for both young men and women.

In my research I identified a nascent consumer disillusion with the grooming and beauty sector, particularly in regards to the predatory nature of brands such as Gillette, who co-opt social movements such as #MeToo whilst remaining glaringly complacent in regards to the ‘Pink Tax’: the unfair inflation in the price of goods marketed to women compared to those marketed to men.

This insight strongly informed my objective, which was to build an ‘anti-brand' identity that was reactionary in nature, seizing on the youthful exuberance, androgyny and protest of the punk movement. The brand’s visual language was inspired by punk zines, fly posters and street art of underground subculture.

Highly Commended at the M Awards 2019