Communications and Graphic Design

Anna Simons

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Hi, I’m Anna!

Creative thinker with a holistic approach to design. Focus on crafting stories and copywriting with thoughtful ideation and a background of psychology.

My design process consists of deep research, ideation and problem definition and only ends with the final visual outcome after a large amount of conception and digging deep to find the root cause of the problem. Some leading themes for my process include cross-disciplinary thinking, human-centred design and behavioral analysis.

Info Graphic

Creating an environmental solution for cinema trash disposal. Inspired by trash burning to extract heat systems used in Sweden. Burn cinema trash on site and utilise the heat and energy extracted from the process. Problem identification, cross-disciplinary thinking, ideation, prototyping, infographics, hifi prototype sketching.


Globegurt is a yoghurt brand that sell yoghurt culture starters with bacteria from various countries around the world. Created in mid-2020 when travelling is limited and people are looking for new ways to explore new cultures and places.

Product concept, product development, packaging design, branding, logo development, marketing campaign.