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Mark Dennis

Diploma of Design Sydney
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I am a Graphic Designer who wants to make his mark. My brain has always seemed to work in weird and wonderful ways (for both the good and the obtuse), and I have learnt to apply that twangy way of thinking to my design sensibilities; always determined to find a new, unique way of looking at or resolving a brief.

I am particularly interested in developing brand identities, and love the challenge of creating a visual language that is adventurous and varied but cohesive and recognisable. I also enjoy finding ways to incorporate my illustration style into a brand, where appropriate of course ;).

In my spare time I write alt-pop music on Garageband and dream up and build detailed theme parks on my computer.

Meredith Music Festival

The Meredith Music Festival is its own thing. It is a celebration of art, beauty, life, nature and community that just happens to revolve around a stage where great musicians play. After all, it began as an end of year party for 200 like-minded people getting together for a BBQ and music, and grew into the festival it is because of its refusal to commercialise and follow the rules. They refer to themselves as a Bush Brigadoon, a mystical city that appears once a year among the eucalypts, and it was this concept that established the starting point of the visual identity created for the festival.

Ipsum Magazine

'Lorem Ipsum', known widely in the design and publishing community as placeholder text, is used for multiple purposes. One is in wait of real copy to fill its place, as designers create the visuals around it and predict its shape and form; another is to create neutrality so that creators and client look at the overall design without bias. I like the idea that in both instances this placeholder text represents potential in creativity. This became the concept for the name and visuals of Ipsum Magazine, a publication that focuses on design.