Communications and Graphic Design

Marina Deco

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Hey there! My name is Marina and I believe in the power of good ideas to drive social and environmental changes. I’m a very passionate Graphic Designer and have a personal stake in all the work I do. My projects are powered by critical thinking and purpose-driven solutions. You could describe me as a bold, experimental and out-of-the-box thinker.

Just Say It

Just Say It is a brand of sanitary feminine products focused on changing the stigma about menstruation among young girls. The brand offers a product tailor made for young girls, from the colours to the illustrations and packaging. The objective is to create confidence and encouragement among girls to talk about their bodies and their natural changes.


Plantmates is an indoor delivery service, helping the user to find out the best plants for their space and how to look after them. The brand needs a user-friendly website and a branding strategy that engages with the audience and creates a sense of ease between the user and the product purchased. It also offers educational advice on how to better look after their plants.