Communications and Graphic Design

Isabella Doran

Bachelor of Communication Design Melbourne
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Isabella is a trustworthy, dependable person who doesn’t let her limitations conquer her. She is able to worth within team settings as her communication skills and work ethic are some of her key strengths.

She is very supportive of others, their perspectives and opinions and ensures that they are heard. Isabella offers a broad skillset such as her ability to give a detailed approach, problem solve any obstacle, develop new ideas constantly and to look at everything with an open mind.

She is a unique asset to any team with her empathetic, knowledge-seeking and visionary nature.

Hey Girl

Hey Girl is the result of a brief addressing the need for cultural change around how we speak and raise awareness about women's mental health. This project is particularly important to me as I struggle with my own mental health.

The concept of "Hey Girl" is a video and campaign about starting the conversation and supporting/encouraging women to talk to their friends and others about how they’re really feeling. The campaign can include statements such as, “Hey Girl, wanna catch up?”, “Hey Girl, let’s grab some brunch?”, “Hey Girl, how are you?”, “Hey Girl, what’s up?”, “Hey Girl, wanna talk about it?”

On reflection, this brief spoke volumes and helped me understand that campaign ideas, such as Hey Girl, are incredibly important. It starts the conversation about such a sensitive topic and makes it easier to approach and discuss.

Add Flavour

Add Flavour is a project that addressed the need for change in the fast moving consumer goods industry. This particular project allowed me to concentrate on my passion and activism with regard to accessibility.

The brief was to address a problem area in a chosen product that consumers regularly purchase from their local supermarket. The product that I decided to focus on was herbs and spices. In addressing the brief, I wanted to design packaging that would be completely accessible for every consumer, not just able-bodied consumers. In doing this, it would make the lives of many a lot easier, especially because everyone needs to cook and eat to sustain their bodies.

On reflection, I have learnt so much more about what it means for a product to be accessible and how many consumers struggle with inaccessible packaging. It saddens me because I can see how easy the process can be to make changes to make things easy for everyone to use, not just one demographic of consumers. I do believe that many different industries, not just the FMCG industry, have the ability to make their packaging and branding accessible and they would definitely benefit from taking the time to make some simple changes to their existing products.