Communications and Graphic Design

Brigitta Darmadji

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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I believe that design is advocacy; my design process is about delivering impact that lets the message sing. I'm an evocative storyteller and 'big picture' thinker without sacrificing attention to detail, and aim to centre and amplify the voice of my audience with every project that I do.

Eyrie Band

Long distance relationships often created issues of a lack of physical intimacy and a difference in timezones that texting and video calling cannot quite address. In response, I developed the Eyrie Band, a wearable device to be used in pairs by couples in long distance relationships. Using haptic technology, it has the ability to simulate physical intimacy and increased synchronicity for its wearers.

Pigout Japan

Travel platforms are a dime a dozen, and often recycle and regurgitate the same information. Pigout Japan aims to be a standout by focusing on a niche market; whisking young, adventurous foodies across Japan to gain unique cultural experiences through the fabulous lesser-known local delicacies.