Digital Media and Gaming

Henrique Monteiro Alves

Bachelor of Digital Media Design (3D Design & Animation) Melbourne
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After studying Information Technology, I realised that my true passion is expressing my creativity through art. I found myself drawn to animation because of its power of breathing life into characters that often makes a mark in people’s hearts and sometimes even change them.

As a new graduate in 3D character design and animation, my main focus is to capture the nuances of movement, diversity, personality and performance to create pieces that connect with the audience, the same way I connected with many characters throughout my life.

Animation projects usually are the labour of many individuals collaborating to make something exceptional. As I pride myself on being hard-working, dedicated, and a team player, I would love to be part of a creative team, uniting forces to great things.


My showreel above is divided into "Animation" and "Modelling and Rigging".