Communications and Graphic Design

Lyudmila Kim

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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I’m an enthusiastic Graphic Designer and Illustrator, with a passion for pastel and soft-styled work in a hand drawn medium. I believe that simple ideas made with the heart can produce powerful and resonating results.

As a fresh face to the industry I am driven to challenge myself and have high self expectations to produce new and innovative designs.

Opal Aged Care

The Opal Aged Care proposal was a group project which required us to develop an effective professional working relationship with a ‘live’ client and identify the core issues of a brief and interpret and implement client feedback to create Media Outcomes and a unified Communication Plan.

Opal Aged Care facilities tasked us with creating a wearable to be used by their elderly clients for help with wayfinding in their facilities. Our design took into consideration various disabilities of the users such as dementia and sensory impairments.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens wayfinding system was designed to improve the existing wayfinding system for the venue. An understanding of the site and the requirements of guests determined design choices. An interactive app was also designed to offer more functionality for users with disabilities or those from other countries.