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Erin Knight

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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My name is Erin Knight. I’ve just completed a Bachelor of Communication Design. During my time at Torrens University I have used design as a form of communication focusing on the creation of visual messages, ideas and information for a range of audiences. This degree has emphasis on creativity, design thinking, collaborative practice and problem solving.

I grew up traveling around North America and Australia. As an adult I have lived in Thailand and have spent the last 17 years in Sydney, Australia. I hope to travel more one day.

I aspire to work in a team environment on projects that combine the craft of design with design thinking processes. My goal is to ultimately pursue Art Direction and direct my own creative ideas.

During my career, I have designed and communicated work that has ranged from business advertisements in street directories to designing medical catalogues and brochures for hospitals around Australia.

A highlight of my design career was having a movie chair I created for ‘Batman’ exhibited at the Sydney Home Show May 15th – May 19th, 2002.

Other than design, I enjoy weightlifting and figure skating.


The brief: Stories are not only spoken and written but sometimes told best through craft. Create a sculpture that reflects culture, language and the environment for a specific landscape.

Self-direction: Create a symbolic sculpture that reflects native outback flora at an Indigenous campsite and water source. Draw on designs and symbols found in Indigenous artwork.

Designing sculptures requires a purpose. This was a self directed brief. I chose to create a brief that used the environment, culture and language.


The brief: Conduct an audit of a fast-moving consumer goods product category with a focus on packaging. Identify the target audience and market.

When designing packaging it gives you an opportunity to address form and function.

When designing my product Grow, I discovered that there was a gap in the market for functional ready-to-plant solutions.

Planting made easy, anywhere!