Communications and Graphic Design

Aldri Kadarachman

Bachelor of Communication Design Melbourne
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I am not looking for an internship or work

Hello my name is Aldri, a designer/tinkerer/"amateur chef"

I have expertise in communication design and have intermediate skill in product design, I am eager to come up with creative solutions to any design problems.

In my leisure time, you will find me making fancy food for the 'gram' or tinkering with my 3D printers. Aside from that I am a Star Wars fan and a coffee drinker. To sum it up, I make cool things and would love to collaborate!


The word stair derived from the Dutch word “steiger”. This display typeface is inspired by the flow of staircases; the form was plotted on a grid sheet and digitally processed. The typeface design is intended for sci-fi drone racing concept. Taking the next logical step from the Steiger typeface, extruding it! Inspired by the form of aluminium rail profile, it is intended to be 3D printed and displayed as a tangible typeface.

After inspecting the pool of ink, I came up with the idea of merging typography and the questionable psychoanalysis method of Rorschach ink-blot test. Each character is made by “ink blotting” by hand and making symmetrical fold to create the forms.


Packaging design for bottled mineral water aimed at providing accessibility for the consumer. Studies show that every two out of three Australians are affected by arthritis. Many consumer goods packaging ignores this issue, and I believe since water is an essential need, it should be accessible by everyone.

From ideation to CAD models and 3D printed product, this design exploration is aimed at getting the right ergonomics and ease of use without sacrificing the bottle volume. The final mockup of the ákvo bottle features non-slip form with finger hole, and the diameter of the bottle is slim enough to be grasped, offering plenty of ways for the user to interact. The lid requires little force to open and is attached to the rim of the bottle.