Communications and Graphic Design

Claudia Hayward

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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I am purpose-driven and design with intention.

Hello!, I'm Claud, and I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Design from Billy Blue, whilst additionally managing the flagship store of Ben & Jerry’s Australia. I could drink six cups of tea a day, especially once I hook into a project. I love design and have a big crush on brand identity. My time at both globally recognised B-Corps, Torrens University and Ben & Jerry’s, has taught me the value of purpose and power in brands. I’m passionate about people and ice cream, and hope to leave the world in a better state than when I came into it - whatever scale that may be. I’m usually content as long as I’m learning, and am around people who are passionate about what they’re doing.


Travelling solo and sick of eating alone? Taking awkward selfie stick photos? Or just can't bring yourself to go for a swim in that beautiful Croatian water because you're freaking that your wallet is going to get stolen?

Download Roomies! We discovered a way to enhance solo travel, as well equipping young individuals to feel confident enough to travel alone. Roomies is a plug-in within travel apps, connecting travellers to their hostel roommates before they even leave the country - meaning there are no more awkward hellos.

Roomies understands it may feel a little nervy to strike up a convo, so shake your phone and we'll start the convo for you! "Vodka, Tequila, Bourbon or Rum?" Likewise, joining an activity hosted at your hostel can also feel scary, so we have embedded little nudges to help you step out of your comfort zone when you try and decline an event. "C'mon Kayla, let’s be real, what else are you going to do?"

Roomies, no more awkward hellos.

Brownie Points

"I'm sorry mum, I forgot to feed the dog..." "Good luck with your big meeting!" "Just Because." These are all everyday moments which can do with a little bit of sweetening.

Brownie Points are ready-to-eat, bite-sized brownies, and we want to use these delicious, sweet treats as a means of bringing people together. Setting up Brownie Points so it can be given and received with love, earning one ‘brownie point’, is an easy way to sweeten the day.

The term ‘brownie points’ stems from a long history, originating from the Scouts. This Scouts’ honour has been embedded throughout brand; Brownie Points promising to deliver Australian made, no artificials, no nasties premium brownies. The card inside the lid adds a personal touch to the gift that, when unveiled, the packaging pops open, unlocking the promise to mouth-watering brownies.