Communications and Graphic Design

Madeleine Chappell

Diploma of Design Sydney
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My name is Madeleine and I am a Graphic Designer, Artist and Game Developer.

I'm adaptable and have a knack for understanding the language of other professions, having worked with people from game development, accounting, education and design. 

In the past, I have enjoyed working with small creators, from streamers to entrepreneurs to podcasters. I have also enjoyed designing and setting up UI in Unity for companies and small teams. It allows me to get a feel for the product and have a hand in the functionality as well as the design. 

Bush to Bowl

Bush to Bowl is a business trying to create an inclusive environment to buy native Australian plants, also providing in-depth information on planting and cultivation. I created the website to help show the owners how they may be able to display their products online. This is a great avenue to spread awareness as well as create a good buyer experience.

Lunar Cheese

The core concept of Lunar Cheese is to address the need for sustainable packaging for cheese products. Using Maya, I was able to render product shots before creating and photographing the physical mock-up.