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Joel Franklin

Bachelor of Media Design Adelaide
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Hello, I am a media design student from Adelaide. I am passionate about branding, UI/UX and photography. I aspire to become an art director in a studio to collaborate on projects that have a substantial impact on society.

Interesting fact: I used to eat KFC almost every day and didn't take much care in what I put into my body. I then went cold turkey Vegan after being exposed to what the animal agriculture industry is really like behind closed doors. Which I then turned into one of my projects, Thrive.

I hope you like my work and hope to hear from you!
Love, Joel x


A vegan web/app design concept, focusing on the impact animal agriculture has on not only the animals themselves but your body and our environment.

Elderton Wine Branding

A conceptual re brand of Elderton Wines premium tier label, Ashmead.

A hand drawn logo to represent a traditional connection to the process of wine making and the people who drink it!