Communications and Graphic Design

Jarod Nool

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Communication Design Undergraduate freelancing for three years seeking to widen skill set and gain experience in the Industry. Ability to work in teams, execute tasks and create unique content which I have demonstrated time and time again collaborating and while performing on my own. Passionate for all things creative and business with a strong love for marketing. I’m a sucker for brands and my style is inspired by modern design and street culture but always stays versatile.


A conceptual brief executed during my degree at Billy Blue College of Design. The brief required the design of a complete typographic solution unique to our chosen subject.

In the case of my design solution, my execution was based on the dance style ‘krump’ and its creator named Tight Eyez. The font drew inspiration from the dance style’s characteristics which represented explosiveness, intensity, strength and sharpness in movement.

Creating a full alphabet was the biggest challenge within this brief, where each individual character posed its own pros and cons. Overall, creating a conceptual font proved quite the learning curve but resulted in a cohesive type style that could potentially be used for display, headers or wordmark logos.


A conceptual brief during my degree at Billy Blue College of Design under the packaging and branding subject.

This project saw the creation of a branded packaging solution. My case study was based on creating a new universal shoe box design with accompanying branding. The concept was focused on bringing new functionality to shoe boxes with the ability to display and access shoes more easily. Looking to areas of smart storage solutions and targeting demographics under the sneaker streetwear culture, I sought to create a shoe box that would give the standard shoe box more purpose and overall sustainability. Branding collateral would also accompany this project, offering a full design solution for a conceptual packaging company based on offering sneaker storage products.