Communications and Graphic Design

Dak Nhuan

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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My name is Dak, I am a young ambitious designer and illustrator who is very interested in exploring the world of creativity.

I am punctual and reliable and I would be a valuable team member. I believe that being adventurous is an important trait for a designer. Only experience and new discovery would allow me to have different perspectives and bring new ideas to my designs.

Passionate, quick learner, hard-worker, imaginative, adventurous are the objective words that express myself and my creativity field.

Every part of my designs show who I am.

La Chuoi

La Chuoi is an application for pick-up and delivery food. This is a Vietnamese start-up based on Vietnamese habits and culture. Vietnamese usually cook homemade food, they sell it on social media, and after seeing the potential of this, the founders are starting to bring this app to life.

The logo image is based on the banana leaf, designing on the capital letter L. The capital L is a traditional writing of Vietnamese culture. The logo style is a single line drawing, the letter L represents a circle for a Vietnamese plate or dish and also banana leaf. In the past and today, Vietnamese still use leaves as dishes or plates. Moreover, there are two friendly colours present: fresh green and dark green for banana leaves.

Climate Council is Australia’s

Climate Council is Australia’s leading climate change communications organisation. Climate Council provide authoritative, expert advice to the Australian public on climate change and solutions based on the most up-to-date science available. The Bushfires campaign aims to raise Australian awareness of bushfires, and the impact bushfires have.

In this campaign, I have illustrated the beauty of NSW before and after bushfires. Sydney was under smoke, koalas and kangaroos ran away from the bush. Postcards, stickers, art prints all play an important part in the campaign; they go around the world, from people to people. It not only about bushfires in Australia, this is the problem of the entire world, we all need to have a response related to fires.