Communications and Graphic Design

Siobhan O'Brien

Bachelor of Communication Design Brisbane
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Hi, I’m Siobhan (10 points if you know how to pronounce my name, 20 if you can spell it from memory) and I’m honoured that you’re taking the time to peruse my projects. I’m a ‘Jack of all trades’, possessing a highly versatile skillset, ranging from branding, packaging, data visualisation, typography and illustration. I pride myself on my resourcefulness and practical abilities, which I have been refining during my three years’ experience working as a Designer and Design Manager.


My portfolio is one of my proudest achievements, not only because it houses the culmination of my work so far, but because of its unique composition. The folio was designed to showcase my love for the tactile. It combines different sections in different shapes (including hidden pockets & fold-outs) tailored to the specifications of the individual projects to display them each in the best way possible. Then, it is all brought together with hand-stitched binding. The concept of exploration was central to the design. It was my desire to create an experience of excitement at the opening of each section with the hope of discovering surprises along the way.

The Good Bowl Dog Food Co.

The Good Bowl Dog Food Co. branding was designed as part of an assignment that required the formulation of a business idea and the accompanying branding. Of all the types of businesses I could have chosen, I went with dog food of course (I was really just using it as an excuse to look at dog pictures all day). I wanted the brand to feel fun and cute because dogs are so much fun and so very cute.