Communications and Graphic Design

Janice Tantoni

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Hello there. I'm a quiet soul with a strong creative energy. Where I'm quiet I make up for it with passion and tenacity, with a meticulous design process that lets my work speak for itself.


Canobolas is a creation of a fruit orchard's seasonal wine ranges which are made from fruits that are in their peak of ripeness. The scope of this project was to create the brand identity as well as packaging design for ranges of wines made of different fruits and their merchandises.

The name Canobolas, which in the Aboriginal word means ‘two peaks’, comes from mountains which provides rich volcanic soil that contributes to the fruit orchard’s quality produce. A custom serif font that reflects timelessness was made for the logo to connect with the orchard's heritage. To reflect the seasons from spring to winter, the wine's labels use the illustration of different fruit trees that are flourishing the most in that season. The soil colours are inspired by the four seasons adding a bit of modern touch and making the label stand out from others.

Pooch Munch

Inspired by Hello Fresh, Pooch Munch is a meal kit delivery service specially crafted for dog owners who are willing to go the extra miles to cook tasty and healthy homemade meals for their beloved furry friends.

The objective of this project was to develop a suite of yummy products for dogs where the quality is equally good as human food. From the brand's identity, packaging for the meal kits, merchandises, and website were created. The brand's playful personality is shown through the use of warm and bright colour palette and illustrations that mix lines and solid shapes.