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Ingvild Syvertsen

Bachelor of Communication Design Melbourne
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Oh, hi. I’m Ingvild Syvertsen, a multidisciplinary designer that always tries to incorporate different mediums into my work, from illustration to digital to branding to animation. I am from a tiny place in Norway, but currently living in Melbourne. When designing, and in general, I always try to be thoughtful and look at something from someone else’s perspective to get a better idea of what is needed and from there I will ideate and iterate to come up with the best solution. I’m hard-working, creative, colourful, reliable, a bit of a beer nerd, forever curious and determined. As a designer, I hope to create something that will inspire someone.

Androgyny Sans

Androgyny Sans is a sans-serif, display typeface that owes its form to androgyny. Androgyny, which is the state of being neither specifically feminine nor masculine, is not to be confused with terms such as non-binary or gender fluid, but rather in relation to appearance, attitude or behaviour. This typeface is bold, edgy, tall, yet offers a simplistic look and alternate glyphs for variation. It is inspired by icons such as Grace Jones and David Bowie and combines a contemporary style with unique detailing. The sharp angles in combination with a more rounded appearance on some of the characters give it a distinct style.


#GreetLessMore, a 30-day social media challenge created to show safe ways to greet and illustrate how we can and have been socialising safely during Covid-19. As more and more people could meet up and socialise, it was and still is so important to be careful. This and the fact that social media became the only way of communicating is what sparked the idea for this project. There was a want and need to safely connect with people. The illustrations are light-hearted and created to bring something positive, slightly humorous, and maybe even helpful to someone. Some focus more on safe ways to greet, others on how we have been social during Covid to how some prefer their own company.