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Dulcie Winston

Diploma of Graphic Design Online
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Hi, my Name is Dulcie Winston. I have just finished my Diploma of Graphic Design. Next term I will be studying a Graduate Certificate in UX and Web Design part time while hopefully working. I really enjoyed the Interaction Design, Illustration, and the Packaging Design Components the most in the Diploma and found I excelled in these areas.

I am also a Children’s Author and Illustrator in my spare time as this is more of a personal project for me. I have had 2 of my own books published by Austin MacAuley with a third in production at the moment.

I am excited about starting my new career in the Graphic Design Industry.

My portfolio website is
My Author site is


This project was aimed at designing bus shelter posters to advertise three conferences for AGDA. The conferences were largely about different areas of safety in the Graphic Design field.

We were asked to design posters with a common theme that would relate to the target audience as well as visualise the poster topics.


We were tasked to design a package that would be more practical and usable for an item of our choosing.

I chose to design a package for a wooden art storage box. I designed a package that could be utilized as a pencil caddy once the product was removed.

My focus was designing a package solution that would be reusable and environmentally friendly.