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Lujia Zhou

Bachelor of Communication Design Sydney
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Hi, my name is Lujia! My friends call me LJ. I am easygoing, devoted and care very much about the world I live in. My caring nature drives a lot of my design approaches, always in search for ways to better impact the people and the planet. I am someone who will always lend a hand and provide support for those around me. If there is even a chance of a solution, I am committed to find it and bring it to life.


ASICS has always been undisputedly the leading running shoe brand for enthusiasts and professional athletes. ASICS has since evolved beyond the running arena, providing goods and services that promote healthy and fulfilling lifestyles throughout the world. However, to ensure that all qualities of what makes the greatest athlete is met, ASICS want to provide the best for not only the mind and body but also the soul. Introducing ASICS’ sub brand, MAXIMA ‘The Greatest Nourishment’. ASICS stands for ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ and MAXIMA means ‘the greatest’. MAXIMA is a range of balanced, nutritious ice-cream made from wholesome ingredients to not only nourish the body but satisfy the individual’s sweet tooth cravings. MAXIMA is rather quirky and fun, but ensures a connoisseur feel to the product and adheres to ASICS brand image.

Mr Zhou Pet Food

Mr Zhou Pet Food is an introductory range of sustainable pet food that is truly inspired by Mr Zhou’s love for his pets, in particular his birds, bunny, fish, quail and dogs. After dedicating over 10 years to nurturing and studying these animals, he is now ready to share his knowledge and help others. He truly believes a healthy outside starts from the inside. Mr Zhou Pet Food focuses on what matters inside over the outside aesthetics. The sacks used to hold pet food are made from jute, a long soft shiny vegetable fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. Mr Zhou Pet Food is also a brand that truly cares about the owner just as much as the pet themselves. It’s essential to educate the owner of what is best for the animal in order that they can mature, grow and flourish to their full potential. Mr Zhou shares a whole library of knowledge all about the animal, through pocket-sized brochures similar to this.